Everyday people are dying in the sea, crossing rivers, passing frontiers.

3000 drowned last year in the mediterranean sea and this harsh number will multiply this year. Fugitives are dying daily all over the world. Nobody sees them.


This is a open project visualizing the incredible loss of lives of people on their journey to escape

the unbearable.

Thousands of hands can float there wherever there is water.


It is an easy-doing, uncostly and ecologically supportable way to visualize this matter in the center of the towns wherever there is water.

You can let them float, pass by, but you can also anchor them easily at a place they stay as long as they are not removed or they sink and dissolute in the waters. 


The consequences of the politics of looking away will get visible. Worldwide, if you act.



a call for action


a social artproject of HAU



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Henri Alain Unsenos